Emotional Sunrise Vows in Breckenridge Colorado

As a Maryland wedding photographer sometime I get to escape the east coast and travel to epic places. When A + C asked me to photograph their wedding and a sunrise vow exchange in Colorado I jumped at the chance for a mountain adventure. Our east coast Appalachian Mountains are pretty, but a sunrise vow exchange in the Rocky Mountains is nothing short of magical.

So, let's rewind to the night before. We're camping out under the stars, right on the mountain. The air was crisp and cold, typical of a September evening in the mountains at 12000 feet. A fire ban made it an early night for all of us, it was to cold to once that sun went down to take in the stars for too long. Bundled in layers in our sleeping bags we tried to get some rest but, excited for the for the early morning adventure ahead.

Waking up before the sun at around 4am (talk about commitment, right?), we geared up for our hike in the dark, the below freezing temperatures kept us moving fast to stay warm. Despite the nippy air (nothing a early morning whiskey shot couldn't fix), the thought of capturing the first light of day as it illuminated a new chapter for this amazing couple kept us all moving. As a Maryland wedding photographer who’s a total sucker for unique and breathtaking locations, Black Powder Pass was like hitting the jackpot.

The moment the vows were shared, with the sunrise painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, felt like something out of a dream. It’s these moments, so raw and real, that remind me why I absolutely love what I do. After the heartwarming exchange, we bundled back into their Jeep, hands wrapped around warm mugs of coffee, sharing laughs and stories. Once the sun had chased away the last of the cold, we stepped back out into the golden light for a few more photos. And let me tell you, the backlit shots we got were nothing short of spectacular.

As a wedding photographer who’s always chasing adventures and love stories from Maryland to the mountains of Colorado and beyond, experiences like these are what fuel my soul. Whether it’s atop a breathtaking pass at sunrise or in the backyard of a family home, every love story is an adventure waiting to be captured.

So, if you’re dreaming of saying your vows against a backdrop that’s as epic as your love story, let’s chat! I’m all about packing my bags, lacing up my hiking boots, and joining you on your adventure. Here’s to love, laughter, and a whole lot of incredible photos to look back on. Cheers!

old cbs train car
jeep in the dark with headlights on
bride and bride walks pass the trail sign