Hello there! If your here then you are looking for the extended info about me! I guess you can probably guess that I love taking photos. The short backstory begins back in high school, I was one of those art nerds, president of the national arts honor society art nerd level to be exact. My first camera was an old 1973 Olympus film camera that belonged to my mom and I shot only black and white film with it. In fact that is where my obsession with black and whites starts and its something that I still do a lot today!


After years of shooting film I went to college to peruse a degree that had nothing to do with art. Fast forward a few years and I have a shinny new history degree and I am managing a bar and bar tending 4 nights a week. I love to tend bar, I really do, but the older you get the harder it is to hang with the kids. So I picked back up my old hobby of photo with a brand new camera upgrade. My boyfriend (now husband) both quit our jobs at the bar, filled my Ford Focus to the brim with stuff, and escaped on a 3 month road trip out west. Living out of my car and traveling around like dirty hippies helped rekindled my love for photo in a whole new way. My focus shifted from just taking pretty pictures to telling stories. That is where it stayed and that is where my heart is. It doesn't matter if its my daughter and I on a hike or your wedding day, there is so much more going on then just your average pretty photo. My goal is to tell your story with meaning, emotion, joy, and lots of love.

Travel + Personal Projects:

Family + Portraits

The photos of my husband and I in the woods were taken by the amazing Emily Gude, check her out, she is my photo wifey. www.egudephoto.com